Member Information

Purpose and Membership

The Stamford Chorale offers the opportunity to sing under professional leadership and to perform the finest choral music for the public. We encourage anyone who loves to sing and can sing in tune, 18 years or older, to join us. Rehearsals include instruction in vocal technique, sight-reading, and performance. Resources are provided to help members learn their parts.  There are no auditions. 


There are no auditions.

Member Dues

Member dues are payable per semester at the start of the season.  Scholarships and installment plans are available if this may be a challenge for you – we do not wish to exclude anyone who wants to participate.   

For Spring 2024, rates are: 

  • General Member: $180 
  • Young Member: $100 
  • Student Member: $50 

Please email to request a dues arrangement; this will be kept confidential.  Any arrangement will require (re)ratification each season. 

Rules and Restrictions 

To qualify for a Young Membership you must be the age of 30 or under at the time of performances.

To apply for a Student Membership you must be enrolled full time at a high school or college/university. 

Additional Fundraising

We depend on every member to participate and raise money through TSC’s various fundraisers to help cover costs.  TSC asks each member to raise at least an additional $100 in contributions each semester. Contributions may come from any combination of: 

  • Individual donations
  • Business donations/employer match programs
  • Sales of concert tickets
  • Fundraising events

Contribution to our Community

We ask that each member plays an active role in building and maintaining our community.  In addition to providing high-quality performances, we believe that an important part of a community chorus is creating bonds between our members.  We make time at rehearsals for members to mingle (and snack!) and organize a number of social events throughout the year.

Our organization is run by volunteers and we are always looking for members to contribute to the running of TSC. Please contact a if you have skills/experience/talents that you can offer; this is also a great opportunity if you wish to learn/develop new skills & a resume-builder too!

Rehearsal Location

Unitarian Universalist Congregation (“UUC”), 20 Forest Street, Stamford, CT

Parking is available across the street in Bedford Street Garage, or on Forest Street.

Enter through the rear door of the church. 

Rehearsal Information


Rehearsals are Tuesday evenings in downtown Stamford at 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Spring Start Date: January 30th – note – early start at 7pm! 

No Rehearsal: March 12th 
Last Tuesday Rehearsal: May 14th

Concert Schedule: 

  • Extra Rehearsal:  Thursday, May 16th – 7-9:30p at St. Cecilia’s Church 
  • Dress Rehearsal:  Saturday, May 18th – 11a-2p at St. Cecilia’s Church 
  • Concert:   Sunday, May 19th (2:30p.m. – warm-up; 4p.m. concert)

Rehearsals begin promptly at 7:30. You should be in your seat and ready to sing at that time. Cell phones should be turned off during rehearsals.  Please do not wear perfume or scented products.

Please bring

  • All music. This includes music that has been previously rehearsed because the Director may review the pieces or sections of music at any time. 
  • A pencil with eraser for marking your music for the phrasing and musical dynamics that the Director provides, as well as any additional markings that will catch your attention and help you remember corrections.
  • (optional) a highlighter to mark your part and tab inserts to separate music selections.
  • If you prefer to use your own iPad, we recommend ForScore app.  You can download pdfs from Chorus Connection


You are expected to practice your music on your own between rehearsals. As a general rule, this will involve (i) reviewing music that TSC has already rehearsed in prior rehearsals and (ii) practicing the music that the Director plans to rehearse in the upcoming rehearsal. At the end of each weekly rehearsal the Director will communicate his expectations for what music to practice privately prior to the next week’s rehearsal.


Please e-mail before rehearsal if you are unable to be there.  Attendance at all rehearsals and learning/practicing between rehearsals are directly related to performing in the concert.  

Each member is allowed two rehearsal absences per season.  In the event of a third absence, the music director may request to meet with you for a note check to ensure mastery of repertoire. 

All Stamford Chorale members must commit to performing in concerts in order to participate in rehearsals.  If you have a conflict with a concert, you will be asked to sit out for the season but will be welcome to rejoin the following season. 

Rehearsal Cancellation

An e-mail notification will be sent by 4:00 p.m. on rehearsal day if a rehearsal will be cancelled, e.g., due to inclement weather.

Chorus Connection Portal

We use Chorus Connection to send rehearsal notes, practice links, cancellation notices, schedule changes, information and news of music events to members of TSC.  

We need your correct e-mail address; please let us know if it has changed. 

Login Portal:

Upon first login, please update your member profile as fully as possible, including a photo.  This helps us get to know each other.

You can update directly here: