The Stamford Chorale provides singers of varying skills & experience the opportunity to learn and sing under professional leadership and to perform diverse choral music for the public.


As stated in our by-laws, our organization exists for the purposes of:

  • Promoting and cultivating community choral singing
  • Providing opportunity for all who enjoy fine ensemble singing
  • Studying under the best leadership obtainable
  • Giving concerts to afford an outlet of expression
  • Promoting musical education
  • Providing entertainment and pleasure for others
  • Enlisting public support for the above purposes

Public Charity Status

We are recognized as a 501c(3) organization by the following bodies:

  • IRS:
    • Name: Stamford Chorale Inc.
    • EIN: 42-1566430
  • CT Division of Corps Business
    • ID: 0733309
  • CT Dept of Consumer Protection Registration
    • ID: CHR.0058603