Current Season – Repertoire

Spring 2024 marks the start of The Stamford Chorale’s 75th season.

We will be performing with choir and organ:

Schubert Mass in G Franz Schubert’s Mass in G major is one of the most popular settings of the mass ordinary: the charming song-like melodic writing, especially in the “Kyrie” and the “Credo”, forms a magical counterpoint to more concertante passages in the “Gloria” and the “Sanctus”.

Mozart Shorter Sacred Works a collection of his favorite works including the moving“Te Deum laudamus ” (K. 141), the brilliant “Jubilate” from “ Benedictus sit Deus” (K. 117), and the immortal “Ave verum”.

Schubert Mass in G:

  1. Kyrie” Andante con moto, G major, 3/4
  2. Gloria” Allegro maestoso, D major, common time
  3. Credo” Allegro moderato, G major, cut common time
  4. Sanctus” Adagio moderato, D major, common time”Osanna in excelsis…” Allegro, 2/4
  5. Benedictus” Andante grazioso, G major, 6/8; soprano, tenor and bass soloists in canonOsanna in excelsis…” D major, Allegro, 2/4
  6. Agnus Dei” Lento, G major, common time

Mozart Shorter Sacred Works:

  • Veni Sancte Spiritus
  • “Jubilate” aus Benedictus sit Deus
  • Te Deum laudamus
  • Ave verum corpus
  • Tantum ergo
  • Regina coeli
  • others.